about the project


Get a sign, show your support, talk about your support for the movement.

Put your sign in your yard, take a picture, and tag it on social media with #blacklivesmatterysp and your zip code / municipality / neighborhood.

Spread the word on Facebook and other social media.

Soon Black Lives Matter yard signs are visible all over town  – particularly in white neighborhoods – and help create a long overdue conversation about structural racism in St Louis.


blmysp @ gmail.com

314-883-9781 (texts & vm ok)


This project began on January 14 at the MLK service hosted by Central Reform Congregation (Susan Talve) and Christ the King Church (Traci Blackmon).   125 signs were distributed and contributions were collected above the cost of the signs which helps with reordering of more signs.  Since then we have been distributing signs at events across the region and through various groups and congregations.  Over 500 signs are already up in neighborhoods across St Louis.  We need your help to increase that number to 5,000 by summer!

We are NOT selling the signs.   However we are asking people for a donation for their sign(s).   We are trying to raise enough money to buy more signs so ask them to be asgenerous as possible.   But whatever people offer is the right amount.   Each sign (with stand) costs $4.55 to produce.

Contributions are made through Metropolitan Congregations United, a registered 501C3.


The simplest way is to order signs directly from Mueller Printing (see below) and then use the contributions  to reorder signs when you run out.  One advantage is that you can accept checks which we can not

The alternative is that we will provide you with signs, collect the contributions,  and reorder when the time comes.

An additional way to help is to recruit funders who will underwrite your distribution center or other distribution centers around the region.

Signs can be ordered directly through Mueller Signs which is a union shop.  Mike Mueller is also from Ferguson and totally in support of this project.

Mike Mueller 4418 Manchester 314-535-8882

Costs  are cheaper as quantity goes up.

25 signs with stands   $11.67/each   (before sales tax – if applicable)

50 signs $8.05/each   (before sales tax – if applicable)

100 signs $ 5.45/each   (before sales tax – if applicable)

250 signs $4.55/each    (before sales tax – if applicable)